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Fine Sea Salt from Guerande with Seaweeds
Fine Sea Salt from Guerande with Seaweeds



Le Gué randais Fine Sea Salt:

Guérande sea salt has always been hand-harvested using traditional methods and is well known for its culinary virtues. It is naturally grey as it crystallises on contact with the clay from which it takes its high trace element content. Less salty than Mediterranean salt, Guérande salt is softer on the palate and richer in flavour which makes it the salt that cooks prefer. Combined with seaweeds it is a perfect combination for seasoning fish and seafood dishes but also great on white meat like roast chicken or salad dressings.

Fine salt (or ground salt) is made from coarse salt, which is dried, then crushed.
It is not processed, whitened or refined and retains the pleasure of an authentic salt. Rich in magnesium and trace elements, it is ideal for every type of use in the kitchen and on the table.
 With its traditional, environmentally friendly harvesting method, Le Guérandais Guérande Salt has become the market leader for original salts. 

Small dispenser 100g, ingredients: Natural fine sea salt 95%, Seaweeds 5% (sea lettuce,dulse, oarweed). May contain traces of celery.

Made in Loire Atlantlic, France 

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