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Le Gué randais Grey Coarse Sea Salt in a smart linen bag, great for gifts.

Guérande coarse sea salt has always been hand-harvested using traditional methods and is well known for its culinary virtues. It is naturally grey as it crystallises on contact with the clay from which it takes its high trace element content. Less salty than Mediterranean salt, Guérande salt is softer on the palate and richer in flavour which makes it the salt that cooks prefer for salting stocks and the water used for cooking vegetables, and also for barbecues and meat and fish cooked in a salt crust. Unwashed, unrefined and additive-free, it adds flavour to traditional family cooking.

 Please check our recipe of the month "Cured Salmon with Coarse Salt of Gué rande" on our "news" page, simple but delicious and sure to impress at a party!

With its traditional, environmentally friendly harvesting method, Le Guérandais Sea Salt has become the market leader for original salts. 

Linen bag 750g

Made in Loire Atlantlic, France

100% natural, rich in magnesium and trace elements 

Not suitable for grinders, please use the special grinder "Dried Coarse Sea Salt" from the range also available on Truly French.  

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